FVU: Lucy Beech Commission ‘Me and Mine’

Film and Video Umbrella, London.

Lucy Beech ‘Me and Mine’

Harris Museum & Arts Gallery, Preston: Lucy Beech ‘Me and Mine’, 2 May – 5 July 2015.

FVU’s new commission ‘Me and Mine’ by Lucy Beech is a 40 minute film examining how the so-called feminine ‘virtues’ of empathy and relationality have gained increasing currency within previously patriarchal industries. Set between a traditional undertaker’s and an annual award ceremony, defined by one of its visitors as the ‘nucleus of the funeral industry’s female revolution’, the film follows a female undertaker as she negotiates her way through the shifting landscape of the funeral business, as well as her experience as a woman among women.

Ostensibly a study of the cultural and economic forces that surround the business of death, ‘Me and Mine’ is concerned with ideas of transition: between social groups, private and public worlds, tradition and innovation, the individual and the group.

The exhibition will travel to the Tetley, Leeds from 17 July – 27 September 2015.

Commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella (FVU), with the support of Harris Museum & Art Gallery, The Tetley, The Fenton Trust, The Elephant Trust and University of East London, School of Arts and Digital Industries. With thanks to Open School East. FVU is supported by Arts Council England.


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