Process: Curated by Justin De Demko and Andrew Lockhart

    © Drew Conrad

    9 Great Jones Street, 2nd Floor, New York: 12-6pm Wednesday 21 – Thursday 22 May 2014Opening Reception Wednesday, May 21, 2014, 6pm – 10pm

    Lala Abaddon, Ibrahim Ahmed III, Kevin Baker, Lacy Barry, BAST, Christopher Beckman, Drew Conrad, DotDotDot, David Ellis, Nick Farhi, Erik Foss, Micah Gaugh, Jason Gringler, Maya Hayuk, Matt Jones, Pryce Lee, Micaela Mclucas, Ostrich

    PROCESS, an exhibition curated by Justin DeDemko and Andrew Lockhart, showcases work from a number of today’s top emerging contemporary artists, many of whom exist in a practice of work steeped in ”process” to achieve their end result. The word process itself, while often denoting a “series of steps that lead to a specific end,” in this case is more about the steps that lead to a certain place, or to a specific end result within their work.

    Ibrahim Ahmed III focuses on dismantling social constructs created out of colonial conquest. Ahmed questions the concept of exclusive cultures and nations by creating new modes of images that operate in response to the exclusive narratives engendered by colonial experiment. The reinterpreted narratives created in Ahmed’s work dismiss identities born out of the post-colonization process – a style which often lends itself to oppressive socio-historic paradigms. Ahmed’s work acknowledges the interconnectedness of the human experience, which can be neither compartmentalized nor separated.

    Lala Abaddon, in her woven work, or her “tightweaves”, integrates many components in her process, capturing her images multiple times through a repetitive sequence of digital and traditional photographic methods, then arranging the large format prints into precise and deliberate pairings. She continues on to intricately and painstakingly hand-weave the prints with undulating and complicated patterns designed to convey a specific feeling – eventually leaving us with images within images, and compelling the viewer to experience alternate realities or states of being.

    The work of Erik Foss is a colorful twist on his real life experiences. As an adolescent, Foss was involved a form of creative vandalism where materials were soaked in water, then hurled at walls and ceilings to form cement as it dried. Removing this cement created permanent damages to residences and commercial buildings. The karmic punishment and process of repeatedly using paper to create cement inspired his unique paper material paintings, which have come to form in large and small scale.

    With their symmetrical compositions, intricate patterns, and lush colors, Maya Hayuk’s paintings and massively scaled murals recall views of outer space, traditional Ukrainian crafts, airbrushed manicures, and mandalas. Hayuk weaves visual information from her immediate surroundings into her elaborate abstractions, creating an engaging mix of referents from popular culture and advanced painting practices alike while connecting to the ongoing pursuit of psychedelic experience in visual form.

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