Tate Modern Judd Sculpture Latest: Family Speaks Out

    Stephanie Theodore’s Sunday evening Tate Modern tweet last week observed ‘Horrible kids, horrible parents’ with a child nestling on the lower rungs of Donald Judd’s Untitled 1980. The artwork forms part of Tate Modern’s Level 4 exhibition Structure and Clarity where Room 6 focusses on Minimalism whose restraint aesthetic appears to have gone unheeded.

    The image was quickly picked up by social media and mainstream press with the latest instalment in the Evening Standard featuring an interview with the family where Ms Bolongaro is quoted:

    ‘It’s not right, but they were just interested. Their only crime was to be seduced by a ladder of jewel-coloured shelving. Sissi has always been anti-establishment but she would never hurt anybody.’   

    A Tate spokesperson is reported as saying: ‘Tate welcomes families to all of its galleries. On Sunday a child lay on the bottom part of the Donald Judd sculpture Untitled 1980. The situation was dealt with immediately.’

    Full Evening Standard article: Our nine-year-old was just being ‘anti-establishment’, say parents of girl who climbed on $10m Tate Modern sculpture.


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