Downing Street: #Downing_St

    New Documents: Premieres on Twitter 20:00 London time, Tues 25 June 2013 (embedded below).  ‘Downing Street’ is a play by artist Eva Weinmayr, writer John Moseley, and journalist Titus Kroder. The narrative arises out of true events: Weinmayr sold two of her works from the Today’s Question series to the UK Government Art Collection. When David Cameron became Prime Minister, his wife Samantha chose Weinmayr’s work to hang on the walls in their private residence at Downing Street. The artist’s attempts to contact the Camerons about their choice was ignored.

    The 30-minute fiction will premiere on Twitter June 25, 2013, 20:00 London time—the eve of the UK Government Spending Review which will cut Britain’s cultural budget by £1.2 bn. To follow the performance, follow the #Downing_St hashtag (below). The play will be published as a book by New Documents later this year.

    Cast of Characters:

    Sam @Sam_DowningSt
    Likes everything creative. Married Dave for his manners and party trick of opening beer bottles with teeth. Enjoys privileged life as politician’s better half.

    Dave @Dave_DowningSt
    Previous roles in PR. Now running a whole country (into the ground). Responsible for UK budget cuts of £ 81 bn. No discernible interests, hobbies or passions.

    Eva @Artis_DowningSt
    Created art that found its way into Downing St. Seeks explanation: Why is her political work applauded by wrong audience? Shifts her art to creating encounters.

    Narrator @Narra_DowningSt
    Disembodied and disinterested omniscient consciousness. Currently under indictment on phone hacking charges.

    Pause @Pause_DowningSt
    “ . . . ”

    Awkward Pause @Awkwa_DowningSt
    “ >:£$%^&*( ”

    Ambassador @Ambas_DowningSt
    Privileged son of Eastern Bloc nomenklatura. Sees ornament as crime. Extends this approach to politics. Antenna for avant-garde art.

    Arthandler_2 @Arth2_DowningSt
    Tries to make it as a visual artist. Earns living as gallery assistant at Victoria & Albert Museum. Works spare time on editorial board of Occupy Magazine.

    Arthandler_1 @Arth1_DowningSt
    Tries to be like Arthandler_2.

    Lottery Winner (@Lotte_DowningSt
    From Little Popston on the Wolde, Surrey. Devotee of Margaret Thatcher and staunch proponent of the philosophy of ‘standing on your own two feet’.

    Phoebe @Phoeb_DowningSt
    Engulfed in turbulent events when only out to complete inventory list for the Government Art Collection. Married to bond trader she met while at the Courtauld.

    Horse Guard @Horse_DowningSt
    Loyal man of the Crown devoted to serving as decorative prop for gormlessly smiling tourists.

    Image: First Lady Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron talk before having tea in the private residence at Downing Street in London, England, May 24, 2011. Official White House photo by Lawrence Jackson.


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