Jack McConville at Ibid Gallery: 2 September – 1 October 2016

Jack McConville, Inevitable Depths, 2016 oil on canvas, 110 x 120 cm
Jack McConville, Inevitable Depths, 2016 oil on canvas, 110 x 120 cm

Ibid GalleryLondon: 2 September – 1 October 2016
Opening: Thursday 1 September, 6-8pm

Jack McConville

Ibid Gallery London is pleased to announce a new solo show by Jack McConville entitled CAPITAL DEPTHS. This will be the artist’s second solo show with the gallery.

Jack McConville’s paintings infuse the content of digital culture with a strong awareness of art history to create works which shift between figurative and abstract positions, graphic signs stripped of expressive or descriptive intentions. His works are often concerned with the blurring of the private and public personae of individuals as a result of the growing encroachment of the digital sphere. This painterly approach emphasises the unique object status of the paintings and their placement within a culture of mass reproduction and proliferation of information.

CAPITAL DEPTHS is a new body of work from Jack McConville in which the artist continues in his exploration of culture, power, capital and the systematic belief that generates and provides their jouissance. The images of cash flows, cash damming, liquidation, liquid assets, liquidity traps, making it rain, the pooling of resources, cash held in reserve (reservoirs) (even in dry powder form), trickle-down, to spend money like water, floods of cash, to be tapped for a fiver, drained accounts, the fascination of capitalist plumbing (to paraphrase Duchamp) provide the stimulus for an exploration of a system whose fluid mercurial nature calls to mind an image of a Cnut-Marx standing seemingly hopeless in the face of an encroaching tide.

Jack McConville studied at the Academy of Fine Art, Vienna and the Glasgow School of Art (BA). He has had residencies at The Still House Group, New York, US and Studio Voltaire, London, UK. His recent shows include Jack McConville, The Modern Institute, Glasgow, UK, Tutti Fertitti, Tramway, Glasgow, UK, We Have No Bananas, Intermedia Gallery, CCA Glasgow, UK, All Masters at the Swing Door, Remap 4, Athens, GR and Public Displays of Affection, public art exhibition as part of Glasgow International, Glasgow, UK.


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