Maureen Paley: Kaye Donachie at frac île-de-france, le plateau, Paris 18 May – 23 July 2017

Kaye Donachie, Silence separates us, oil on canvas, 100 x 70 cm

Maureen Paley, London.

Kaye Donachie: Under the clouds of her eyelids
le plateau frac Île-de-france, Paris, France
18 May – 23 July 2017

Preview Wednesday 17 May, 6-9pm

Accompanied by the works of:
James Broughton, Claude Cahun, Josette Exandier, Florence Henri and Lee Miller

Curated by Xavier Franceschi

frac île‑de‑france
le plateau
22 rue des Alouettes
75019 Paris


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