Ulay, Women Inferno, 1996 Photogram mounted on 2.5mm alu-dibond, 10 overlapping panels framed in stained oak, hand-finished wax coating 197” x 99” : 500 x 250 cm.

    MOTINTERNATIONAL at Frieze New York  9 – 12 May 2014.

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    Dennis Oppenheim
    Elizabeth Price

    MOT International will exhibit work by three gallery artists for whom photography is central to their practices.

    Dennis Oppenheim’s earthwork projects turned the outdoors into a “terrestrial studio”. He often mapped, or transferred a system of information onto a remote location. MOT International will present a photo-documentation of the work ‘Maze’, in which the artist plotted the schemata of the maze used in laboratory experiments on rats at an increased scale using bales of hay on an open field near Whitewater, Wisconsin. Oppenheim’s pioneering contribution to American conceptual art practice was of huge significance, and his works continue to have an important contemporary resonance.

    Photography is fundamental to the work of 2012 Turner Prize winner Elizabeth Price. MOT International will exhibit a new large-scale photographic work. A concise selection of motifs derived from packaging and branding are presented against luxury fabrics, continuing the trajectory explored in her critically acclaimed film installation SUNLIGHT. The artist excavates and builds vast archives of digital images to question distinctions between art objects, social history artifacts and the strange and compulsive desires of consumerism.

    Ulay’s ‘Women Inferno’ is the artist’s largest and most ambitious photogram work to date. Visceral and vital, the work depicts after-images of bodies which are seared and scorched onto the surface of the image. ‘Women Inferno’ is an exceptional piece within a body of work that is notable for its experimental use of photography, particularly Polaroid formats. One of the leading representatives of body art and performance of the 20th Century, the artist is well-known for his 1976-1988 collaboration with Marina Abramović.


    First Floor, 72 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1RR

    Place du Petit Sablon, 10, B-1000 Brussels


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