Nicky Hirst exhibition at DOMOBAAL extended to Saturday 3 June 2017 + Event

Nicky Hirst 'New World' 2017, wood and metal 50×50cm installation photography by Andy Keate

DOMOBAAL, London: 28 April – 27 May extended to 3 June 2017

Nicky Hirst
Real Size

Installation images

Studio International review by Veronica Simpson
Art Monthly review in the June issue by Kathryn Lloyd

Nicky Hirst’s solo exhibition Real Size is extended until Saturday 3rd June and on that day Nicky Hirst presents her selection of *Special Guest Pieces by Brandon LaBelle and James Webb within her exhibition.

*Playlist at 13.00 hrs and at 16.00 hrs:

Brandon LaBelle and James Webb
(06:50 min) 2007
Brandon LaBelle and James Webb
(08:15 min) 2007
Brandon LaBelle
(24:00 min) 1997

Hall and Staircase are tracks from Radio Flirt by Brandon LaBelle (sound artist and writer) and James Webb (composer). Radio Flirt is designed to be immersive and even hallucinatory. What started out as an installation at the Netherlands Media Art Institute, where radio transmitters were located throughout the building, is now an auditory environment where spoken messages and mutating granular noise draws the listener into a ‘radiophonic’ realm that may originate outside but only comes to life within the listener’s psyche. Radio Flirt became a CD according to the intentions of Brandon LaBelle and James Webb to let the listener fit these recordings to her/his own environment.

Brandon LaBelle’s 365 is an audio diary kept for one year in 1997 which is directly related to the topic of time flow. Each day the artist makes a statement, ‘365 is a significant number’, recording this into a portable cassette recorder. He speaks into the recorder at different times of each day, in different locations to notate the year through daily vocalisation. The diary is both intimate and impersonal, reducing the subject to a single statement and collecting the year into 24 minutes of sound.

Brandon LaBelle


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16.06.17 – 22.07.17
Thursday 15 June 6-8pm


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