Victoria Miro at Art Dubai, 15-18 March 2017

Idris Khan, To Find Is To Seek (detail), 2017. 3 stamped glass sheets, aluminium, black ink. 156 x 140 x 18 cm, 61 3/8 x 55 1/8 x 7 1/8 in.

Victoria Miro, London.

Art Dubai
15-18 March 2017
Booth A4

Victoria Miro is pleased to participate in the 2017 edition of Art Dubai (Booth A4) with a three person presentation of works by Idris Khan, Alex Hartley and Maria Nepomuceno.

Following the unveiling of his major commission for a permanent public monument, which forms the centrepiece of the new Memorial Park in Abu Dhabi, the gallery presents new works by Idris Khan. Drawing inspiration from the history of art and music as well as key philosophical and theological texts, and working across mediums including sculpture, painting and photography, Khan investigates memory, creativity and the layering of experience. In works such as To Find Is To Seek, 2017, in which glass panels are hand stamped in ink with English text, and Forms of Thought, 2017, in which Arabic script is stamped in gesso on to aluminium, Khan creates monochrome works of tremendous power, presence, gravity and spiritual resonance. The radial compositions of these works evoke forces of energy similar to the idea of the Big Bang: at once a destructive and creative process. Khan is currently the subject of a major survey, A World Within, at the New Art Gallery Walsall.

A monochrome theme is extended in work by Alex Hartley. In works such as Miller, 2016, and Stahl, 2016, Hartley brings together photographic and painterly elements to examine the idea of the boundary – between interior and exterior, private and public space, manmade and natural environments, two and three dimensions, object and image. Classic examples of modernist domestic architecture, photographed by Hartley in Los Angeles, form the basis of these works, in which the photographic image and hand-painted elements – describing and embellishing the verdant West Coast landscape – are separated by a layer of semi-transparent Perspex. Caught up in the work are ideas of privacy and voyeurism, the modernist ideal and its lived legacy. The Clearing, Hartley’s major installation and public project in the grounds of Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park, Warwickshire, launches in March 2017.

In contrast, works by Maria Nepomuceno are vibrantly coloured. Displaying a characteristically dynamic approach to form, these new floor- and wall-based sculptural works expand upon the Rio de Janeiro-based artist’s methods of rope weaving and straw braiding to include pre-existing and found elements such as branches, twigs, seed pods and playful ceramic forms. Nepomuceno’s works are chromatically, culturally and metaphorically rich, suggesting animals, plants, the human body and landscapes ranging from the microscopic to the macroscopic. That the sculptures appear anthropomorphic and organic is essential to a reading of the work: the spiraling central to Nepomuceno’s process relates to the spirals occurring naturally throughout the universe, giving shape to entire galaxies as well as the blueprint for existence, DNA. The first presentation of Nepomuceno’s works in Norway opens at Stavanger Art Museum in March 2017.

Additionally, Victoria Miro will have works available to view by Yayoi Kusama.