Wild Flowers at Narrative Projects: 20 July – 16 September 2017

Marte Eknaes, Visions (Rainbow rose), 2012 (video still)

Narrative Projects, London: 20 July – 16 September 2017
Private View: Thursday 20 July, 6-8pm

Wild Flowers
(wildness is contextual!)

narrative projects is pleased to present a group exhibition Wild Flowers (wildness is
contextual!) curated by Carlos Noronha Feio. The exhibition brings together eighteen international artists from different generations who work in a number of different mediums. Each work chosen by Noronha Feio for the show examines the motif of the flower.

This exhibition has its origins in Noronha Feio’s interest in flora as a representation of
power. On the surface of the show, the naïve and sentimental aesthetic value of the
flower presents itself as a deceptive cover over the deeper conceptual research that the
works truly look into. For example, Richard Hamilton’s Flower Piece B, 1975, shows a
major pictorial genre and its flowery allure is an irrelevant anachronism in the context of
cultural ideas in our time. Marte Eknæs’ video Rainbow Rose, 2012, shows an alternative
use for the 3D modelling software that is primarily used to design military technologies.
Mustafa Hulusi’s painting from the Afyon series reference Byzantine mosaic with its
lavish use of gold and black contrast, but at the same time hints to intoxication as a
current social condition in Turkey and the region of the Near East. Neil Haas’ blind
sculpture painted with flowers in a wider context of the artist’s work offers a counterbalance to his studies of young male streetwise masculinity.

The artist-curator is seeking to explore how the artists approach the natural beauty of
flowers and how the aesthetic quality of the flower motif transforms within the
contextual framework of each individual practice. This relationship between formal
aesthetics and context creates a duality of possible conceptual readings of the works in
the exhibition. Each flower becomes a representation of the artists’ interests, research
and experiment. Collectively they touch on subjects as varied as beauty, sexuality and
technical ability through to issues of consumerism, politics, war and pop culture.

Using flower as case in study Noronha Feio investigates context dependency of an image
in situation when information becomes increasingly more and more image heavy.

Artists in the Exhibition:

Mahmoud Bakhshi (b. 1977, lives and works Tehran); Juliette Blightman (b. 1980 lives
and works in Berlin); Lynn Chadwick (born, lived and worked 1914 – 2003 in England);
Ilya Dolgov (b. 1984 lives and works in Kronshtadt, Russia); Harm van den Dorpel (b.
1981 lives and works in Berlin); Marte Eknæs (b. 1978 lives and works in Norway);
Marita Fraser (b. 1969 lives and works in London); Neil Haas (b. 1971 lives and works
London); Richard Hamilton (born, lived and worked 1922 – 2011 in London); Mustafa
Hulusi (b. 1971 lives and works in London); Xiao-yang Li (b. 1985 lives and works in
London); Georgy Litichevsky (b. 1956 lives and works in Moscow and Berlin); Gabriela
Machado (b. 1960 lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); Lulou Margarine (b. 1984
lives and works in New York, USA); Carlos Noronha Feio (b. 1981 lives and works in
London and Lisbon); Alice Ronchi (b. 1989 lives and works in Amsterdam); Daniel van
Straalen (b. 1987 lives and works in The Hague, Netherlands); Sigrid Viir (b. 1979, lives
and works in Tallinn, Estonia).

Exhibition is curated by Carlos Noronha Feio.

Image credit: Marte Eknaes, Visions (Rainbow rose), 2012 (video still)